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About AAHCI-MENA Regional Office

AUBMC has been hosting the AAHCI MENA Regional Office since 2017 with an objective to further engage and network with peer institutions in the region to share knowledge and expertise in addressing challenges and growth strategies facing academic health centers. For the past two years, the AAHCI-MENA regional office has doubled the number of AAHCI-MENA members. It has also created a Regional Leadership Council and led with AAHC on the formation of a new President's Council charged with proposing major revisions to pre-medical and medical education. In 2018, AUBMC successfully hosted its inaugural AAHCI-MENA Regional Conference on “Transformation of Medical Education in the New Era: Humanism, Technology, and the Physician of Tomorrow”. The regional office also hosts webinars that aim to share and exchange knowledge and expertise of our esteemed members. The AAHCI-MENA regional office is committed to continuously play a pivotal role in keeping up with issues related to academic health centers and in supporting medical advancement by being responsive to the changing dynamics of healthcare, medical education, and healthcare delivery.

The Association of Academic Health Centers International (AAHCI) is a member-based association founded in 2008 as a subsidiary to the US-based AAHC, which was founded in 1969 as a non-profit organization that advances health and well-being through the vigorous leadership of academic health centers. Membership in AAHCI is similarly focused on bringing together institutions that serve the academic health center mission along with a global vision of enhancing health and well-being worldwide. AAHCI also serves as a bridge between its international members and AAHC’s US-based members, with the goal of advancing and applying knowledge to improve global health. To know more about the history of AAHC and AAHCI, please visit the AAHC main website.

Why AAHC/I is Unique

  • AAHC is global. Through its international branch, AAHCI, the Association supports the senior leaders of academic health centers around the world.
  • AAHC represents more than medicine. It is the only organization with a mission that encompasses all health profession schools within member institutions (e.g., allied health, dentistry, graduate studies, nursing, pharmacy, public health, veterinary, and allopathic and osteopathic medicine), as well as hospitals owned by or affiliated with academic health centers.
  • AAHC member representatives are the key decision-makers at their institutions. AAHC programs and policies are responsive to the senior leadership of academic health centers.
  • The focus is on the future. AAHC leads its members in anticipating where healthcare, science, and education will progress in the 21st century and provides guidance to be successful in the highly transformative healthcare environment. AAHC brings a uniquely strategic, integrative, multi-professional and multi-disciplinary perspective to consideration of the health-related challenges facing the U.S. and health systems globally.

Our Team

Mohamed Sayegh, MD

Regional Ambassador, AAHCI MENA

Chair-Designate of the AAHCI Steering Commitee
Executive Vice President for Medicine and Global Strategy

Noha Hachach, MPH

Regional Office Manager, AAHCI MENA

Director of Medical & Health Strategy
Director of AUBMC Affiliations
Senior Administrative and Financial Officer (SAFO) Group Representative

Alaa Merhi, MS

Office Representative, AAHCI MENA

Medical & Health Strategy Coordinator

Kamal Badr, MD

Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Group Representative, AAHCI MENA

Associate Dean for Medical Education
Associate Chair for Medical Education, Department of Internal Medicine
Professor of Medicine (Adj.), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

Samia Khoury, MD

Vice President for Research (VPR) Group Representative, AAHCI MENA

Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research
Director of the Abu Haidar Neuroscience Institute
Director of Nehme & Therese Tohme MS Center